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History of Women/Minorities in Politics


10 Classes - Inspired by MeToo & TimesUp this course will look at significant and little known Women who shaped New York State Herstory.  Feminist & Womanists are welcome.

Electing Women and Social Media

CUNY SPS Certificate Candidate Training

 12 Classes (introductory course) - This class will focus on the roadblocks women face when running for public office, and how institutional disadvantages can be transformed into unexpected advantages. It will also focus on how to play up a women’s perceived strengths in a campaign, while ameliorating their perceived weaknesses.

Electing Judges, District Leaders and County Committee

August 26 | Women’s Equality Day at the New York Stock Exchange

 10 Classes - A grouping of races that are not often talked about, qualifications and what are the winning elements of candidates in these races.

Case Studies of Dynamic Political Victories

New York Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul

10 Sessions - A review of the elements of these competitive campaigns that led to victory.  Among the cases - DC former Mayor, Marion Barry v. DC Incumbent Mayor, Sharon Pratt Kelly, Donald Trump v. Hillary Clinton, Richard Thomas v. Ernie Davis, and others.

Washington Politics and Regulatory Government

US Senator, Kirsten Gillibrand with CEO of CREW, Sharon I. Nelson

10 Classes - Running for Office | The Road to Congress (House & Senate) and a review of the Hill Committees, Job Descriptions and tactics of partisan politics

Creative Fundraising Strategies - The life blood of successful campaigns

New York City Council Member District 2 - Carlina Rivera

10 Sessions - This class will provide instruction on creating a solid Campaign Finance Plan, including Fundraiser Ideas and Social Media.

Leadership Classes

Continuing Education for Government Employees

10 Weeks - Provides on-the-job training and orientation for Government employees involved in Policy making/Housing, Speechwriting, Scheduling, Advance, Press, Special Events, Protocol, Intergovernmental Affairs, Emergency and General Services. (Restricted class enrollment)

Municipal Government and Allied Services

10 Sessions - An Introductory course to navigate the modern Civic Engagement playing field and Social Media for those with political aspirations.  It is also a review of the Emergency& Transportation services required for a well functioning city.

Forensic Speaking and Debate

10 Weeks - A course that prepares Students with the skills required to give good public speeches and engage in political debate topics.

Lifestyles of the Political and the famous

10 Sessions - A survey of the most corrupt and beloved politicians of New York State.  Additionally the Class will discuss and dissect the Westchester County Charter.

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