Who Are We?

CREW is a national non-profit organization providing education and training with a political focus. CREW hosts bi-annual conferences and special events featuring best practices for winning results. At the conferences, private and public sectors compare playbooks on efficiency, volunteerism, corporate social responsibility and contemporary progress to prominent societal values and practices. Additionally, CREW offers subcontractor “branding” services to prominent organizations and institutions and creates original training programming for political and leadership disciplines. CREW focuses on constituents who make up underrepresented and underserved populations. CREW connects women who have a desire to engage in civic affairs and supports women in their efforts to win elected or appointed office. CREW is a nonpartisan organization and does not take political sides on any issues.

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Sharon I. Nelson, CEO & President

President of Civically Re-Engaged Women

After 30 years of being a political operative and strategist, Sharon has taken her knowledge and experience base to create CREW to empower Undeserved and Underrepresented Constituency groups to seek real time opportunities for inclusion and intersectionality. She is a certified Democratic National Committee Finance Director.

Idelle A. Howitt, Executive VP & General Counsel


A top Civil Rights Professional, Idelle provides strategy, guidance and resources to optimize CREW opportunities and reach in politics. Idelle has numerous distinctions including being Co-chairperson of a Leadership Committee at the National Association of Women Lawyers (NAWL) and she is currently serving as 

Woodrow Wilson Fellow.

William Allen, Chief Program Officer


With over 10 years teaching experience, William works with the CEO on Curriculum development and flagship programming. He has teaching privileges at several Higher Education institutions. Professor Allen has taught 2 candidate graduating classes at the CUNY School of Professionalism.  Additionally, Professor Allen is a founder of a Political Club, District Leader and former Deputy Chief for the New York City Board of Elections.

Norma Krieger, CMO & Academic Admin Services


Norma Krieger is a Pratt Institute graduate, entrepreneur, educator, curator and photographer. Based in New York and St. Croix, Norma is principal of the Krieger Creative Group, Inc. (KCG). KCG is a fine-art acquisition agency, a multi-disciplined platform representing visual artists. She is also the founder of the Brooklyn | Art Salon, a private gallery. Norma is a USVI Tourism Ambassador; Architect of the St. Croix, USVI History & Art Tour; Member of the Association of Women Art Dealers, NYC and Chair of Pratt Institute Alumni NYC Network.

Aleida Castillo, Director of Business Development


Aleida Castillo is a CREWomen Alumni, a Small Business, Community and Government Affairs Consultant.  She helps small businesses, educational based and women operated organizations to increase their reach and engagement through grass roots marketing, music and media production.  Aleida has over 15 years of work experience in development with organizations such as the Mount Vernon Democratic Party Committee, Women’s Federation For World Peace, Ghana Musician’s Union, Ghana’s PANAFEST Foundation (Pan African Theater Festival), Ashley Furniture Industries, Disciples of Christ Church, City Zoning Boards, well known political candidates and in owning and operating her own educational programs.  Aleida is currently working on childcare advocacy projects and expanding CREW’s educational program in New York State. 

Ruth Hassel-Thompson, Adjunct Professor


Ruth Hassell-Thompson, Special Advisor for Policy and Community Affairs, for New York State Housing and Community Renewal, was first elected to the New York State Senate in 2000, where she brought years of public service and community involvement to her post as the Senator of the 36th Senatorial District; representing parts of the Bronx and Westchester Counties. 

Ms. Hassell-Thompson is the recipient of two Honorary Doctorate degrees; Mercy College, Doctor of Humane Letters; and Eastern Theological Consortium, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Christ Theological Seminary, Doctor of Humanities. She is an alumna of Bronx Community College.

During her tenure in the Senate, Ms. Hassell-Thompson served on the following standing committees: Judiciary (Ranking); Crime Victims, Crime & Correction (Ranking Chairwoman); Commerce, Economic Development & Small Business; Alcohol and Substance Abuse; Health; Finance; Rules; Chairwoman, Conference of Black Senators; Chairwoman, Taskforce on Domestic Violence; Governor Cuomo Taskforce on MWBE