Welcome to the 2019 Seneca Falls Revisited Conference & Retreat


Meg Kelly, Mayor of Saratoga Springs, NY


The Mayor made the many accomplishments of her administration clear in the 2019 State of the City Address, and is eager to continue initiatives, complete projects, and take the opportunity to bring new programs to her beloved City. A lifelong resident with a long-standing record of community involvement, Mayor Kelly was eager to step up to public service and is even more eager to continue. 

Collaboratively created policies and administer their implementation. Met with constituents regarding their concerns and comments. Oversaw departmental projects and guided them to completion. Worked on key projects for the homeless (Shelter) and with the developers to increase workforce and affordable housing within the city.

The  honorable Meg Kelly responsibilities includes  not  limited  to  Intergovernmental Representative,  Executor of legal documents Presiding Officer of the Council

State of the City Address. Initiation of Comprehensive Plan Review Enforcement of Laws

Collective Bargaining

Official Appointments

Public Information Policies and Procedures

Sally Roesch Wagner, Ph.D.


Awarded one of the first doctorates in the country for work in women’s studies (UC Santa Cruz) and a founder of one the first college-level women’s studies programs in the United States (CSU Sacramento), Dr. Sally Roesch Wagner has taught women’s studies courses for 50 years.  She edited the intersectional anthology, The Women’s Suffrage Movement (Penguin Classics, 2019) and currently serves as an adjunct faculty member in The Renée Crown University Honors Program, Syracuse University and the St. John Fisher Executive Leadership Program.

She wrote the faculty guide for Not for Ourselves Alone, Ken Burns’ documentary on Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony, and has appeared in that film and numerous history films and radio programs. Dr. Wagner was selected as one of “21 Leaders for the 21st Century” by Women’s E-News in 2015. She serves on the New York Suffrage Centennial Commission.

Founder and Executive Director of the Matilda Joslyn Gage Center for Social Justice Dialogue in Fayetteville, New York, she received the Katherine Coffey Award for outstanding service to museology from the Mid-Atlantic Association of Museums in 2012. 

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Barbara A. McGraw, J.D., Ph.D.


Barbara A. McGraw is Professor of Social Ethics, Law, and Public Life and founding director of the Center for Engaged Religious Pluralism at Saint Mary’s College of California. She received her Ph.D. in 1999 and her J.D. in 1984, both from the University of Southern California. She has been with Saint Mary’s College since 1998. Among other things, she has served on the American Academy of Religion's standing Committee for the Public Understanding of Religion, 2011-2015, and as president of the AAR Western Region, 2001-2002.
Dr. McGraw is author or editor of many articles, chapters, and books, including Rediscovering America’s Sacred Ground: Public Religion and Pursuit of the Good in a Pluralistic America; Taking Religious Pluralism Seriously: Spiritual Politics on America’s Sacred Ground (with Jo Renee Formicola); Many Peoples, Many Faiths: Women and Men in the World Religions (with Robert S. Ellwood); and The Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Religion and Politics in the U.S.
Dr. McGraw’s areas of specialization include religion, law, and politics and the role of religion in public life, especially involving religious minorities and religious pluralism as a civic value. In that regard in addition to her areas of specialization, her current interests include scholar-activism on behalf of religious minorities and the newly emerging interfaith-interreligious leadership field for which she is a thought-leader. 

Susan Goodier, Ph.D.


Susan Goodier studies U.S. women’s activism, particularly woman suffrage activism, from 1840 to 1920. She earned a master’s degree in Gender History, a doctorate in Public Policy History, with subfields in International Gender and Culture and Black Women’s Studies, and a Women’s Studies master’s degree, all from the University at Albany. At SUNY Oneonta she teaches courses in Women’s History, New York State History, the Civil War and Reconstruction, and Progressivism. 

 Dr. Goodier is the coordinator for the Upstate New York Women's History Organization (UNYWHO). 

The University of Illinois published her first book, No Votes for Women: The New York State Anti-Suffrage Movement, in 2013. Her second book, coauthored with Karen Pastorello, is Women Will Vote: Winning Suffrage in New York State (Cornell University Press, 2017). In addition to writing a biography of Louisa M. Jacobs, the daughter of Harriet Jacobs, author of Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, she is writing a book on black women in the New York State suffrage movement.

Cynthia Terrell


Cynthia Richie Terrell is the founder and director of RepresentWomen and an outspoken advocate for rules & systems reforms to advance women’s representation and leadership in the United States. Terrell also helped to found FairVote - a leading electoral reform organization. Terrell has worked on women’s representation and voting system reform in the United States and abroad.

Previously, Terrell worked extensively on political campaigns, working as campaign manager and field director for campaigns for the U.S. President, U.S. House and U.S. Senate, for governor and for state and city-wide initiative efforts, including a state equal rights amendment and a city campaign for fair representation voting.

Terrell has been published in numerous print journals including: the Washington Post, The Hill, Refinery29, The Nation, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, The American Prospect, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Baltimore Sun, and The Christian Science Monitor; has appeared on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal; and has participated in numerous radio shows & panel discussions on the topic of structural strategies to elect more women. She graduated with a B.A. in political science from Swarthmore College in 1986.

Annette Ramos


Ms. Annette  Ramos has worked as a highly acclaimed professional teaching artist for Young Audiences of Rochester (YA) for many years. She recently was promoted to YA’s Director for Wolftrap/Early Learning Through the Arts, and Manager of Educational Services. Ms. Ramos is best described as a multi-talented, highly dynamic and energized Latina Writer, Storyteller and Performance Artist who delivers a clear and powerful positive image of Hispanics today. 

Ms. Ramos has influenced the development of many youth during her 15 plus years of providing art residencies and programming in Rochester, NY. Ms. Ramos has distinguished herself as a large committed arts education advocate, teaching thousands of students. A Master Storyteller, Ms. Ramos is a well respected, animated, uplifting and enthusiastic Latina performer, producing and performing original & world tales enriched with dance, mime, a plethora of characters, and personal touches. She has been acknowledged for her transformational contributions receiving several Recognition Awards from the Rochester City School District and winning Writers & Book’s 2004 Teacher of Youth Award.


Coline Jenkins


Coline Jenkins is the great-great granddaughter of suffrage pioneer, Elizabeth Cady Stanton is a legacy of the women’s suffrage movement, also being the great granddaughter of Harriot Stanton Blatch; and granddaughter of Nora Stanton Blatch Deforest Barney. Coline is a legislator, author and television producer, who works endlessly to inspire awareness and pride in women’s history. She is co-founder and president of the Elizabeth Cady Stanton Trust, a collection of 3,000 artifacts of women’s suffrage memorabilia loaned to museums, libraries, and film, magazine and television programs. For 25 years, Coline served as a municipal legislator in Greenwich, Connecticut. She co-authored a book entitled 33 Things Every Girl Should Know about Women’s History, and produced the television documentary, An American Revolution: Women Take Their Place. In 2009, she testified before the U.S. Senate regarding federal legislation to create a national trail of historic sites significant to women’s history and the suffrage movement. She is currently vice president of the Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony Statue Fund, an organization working to install the first statues of important historical women in New York City’s Central Park.

Joyce Pittman, Ph.D.


Dr. Joyce Pittman is a first-generation educator woman of color, who was born and grew up in the deep south. She was an active participant in in the civil rights movement in the south, and in September 2012, was recognized by the New York Times, Schools for the Future initiative as a voice of future during an inaugural of this initiative. She is known worldwide by UNESCO members and leaders as a visionary leader in the international education arena. In 2017, Dr. Pittman was an invited guest panel presenter for The United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women, also known as UN Women, is a United Nations entity working for the empowerment of women and has continued to be an active participant in this global network.

Amber McReynolds


Amber McReynolds believe in designing voter-centric processes that put the voter first. Asan experienced election official for over 13 years, and former Director of Elections for the City and County of Denver, She know how to improve systems to make them more responsive and effective for voters and customers. Under her leadership, we transformed Denver Elections to become one of the top election offices in the country, earning international and national recognition for various technical innovations. We created systems  to better serve voters such as Ballot TRACE and eSign and increased transparency and accountability in the process. She also played an integral role in the 2013 Election Modernization Reforms that have made Colorado one of the top states for security, voter registration, and voter engagement.

As the Director of Elections with the City and County of Denver, CO, she oversaw pivotal elections and developed innovative techniques in election administration which earned the office numerous awards.

Vanessa J. Herman


Vanessa J. Herman has joined Pace University as Assistant Vice President for Government and Community Relations. Herman brings with her more than 20 years of experience in government, community, and public relations.

Herman was Director of Government and External Relations at Applied DNA Sciences (APDN), a bio-tech company that utilizes botanical DNA as a security measure and criminal deterrent. Her responsibilities at APDN, located on the campus of Stony Brook University, included creating legislative and community relations agendas; identifying, developing, and overseeing strategic business partnerships; and identifying federal and state grant opportunities.

Donna Briggs


Celebrity interviewer Donna Briggs is Co-Host of Sirius XM Channel 48 Heart & Soul's "Platinum 20 Playlist" alongside iconic New York City radio personality B.J. Stone. As Co-Founder and CEO of D. Briggs Media Group LLC, Donna accepts a host of additional opportunities to conduct high-profile celebrity interviews and to cover entertainment, arts, and luxury lifestyle fare. She also contributes fashion and pop culture segments to other Sirius XM channels inlcuding Howard Stern's show on Sirius XM Channel 100. Other credits on Donna's resume include once hosting "Life Talk" (CBS radio) and "Donna's World" (internet radio show). She also hosted the TV show "Luxury Lifestyle Adventures" (Wealth TV).

Patrick L. Riley


Patrick L. Riley is currently a co-host on digital talk show “The Happy Hour” on Facebook & YouTube. The entertainment and pop culture journalist is also inside a Spring/Summer 2019 promotional tour for his hardcover book, “That’s What Friends Are For: On the Women Who Inspired Me,” published by Dorpie Books and available to order via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and where all books are sold. NABJ deemed it "Outstanding Literary Work". Patrick - an independent producer, personality, and writer - is perhaps best known for his work as a freelance, senior field producer at “The Oprah Winfrey Show” for over 13 years – including ABC network credits on “Oprah’s Legends Ball” and “Building a Dream: The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy”. That opportunity provided moments for Patrick to interview Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton as well as many of his own idols - including Diana Ross, Mary Tyler Moore, Janet Jackson, Beyonce, Dr. Maya Angelou, and many more.

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Welcome to Saratoga Springs, NY

10am - 11pm

The Gideon Putnam Hotel

+ Event Details


Welcome to Saratoga Springs, NY

10am - 2pm Registration

11:30am - Suffrage and other Sites in Saratoga Springs,  Host: Historical Society of Saratoga Springs (1 hour)

• Historic Tour of the birth of the National Women’s Suffrage Association (1869)

• Welcome Reception (or Afternoon Tea Party)

8pm - 11pm - Black & White Retro Ball, Host: Hon. Gale Brewer & Cal Snyder

10am - 11pm

The Gideon Putnam Hotel


Celebrating Women’s Equality Day

6:30am - 6pm

The Gideon Putnam Hotel

+ Event Details


Celebrating Women’s Equality Day

6:30am - 7:30am 

Morning Exercise, Gideon Hotel

Floor-Barre®️ Exercise by Camille Rommett

8:00am - 9:00am 

Registration & Continental Breakfast, Gideon Hotel


9:00am - 11:00am 

Morning Plenary Session 

Saratoga Springs Mayor Meg Kelly

Welcome & Presentation of Proclamation

Coline Jenkins, President, Elizabeth Cady Stanton Trust & the Great great granddaughter of  Elizabeth Cady Stanton 

Topic: Welcome to the 19th Century

Keynote Speaker Sally Roesch Wagner,  PhD Professor, Author, Lecturer, Activist & Founder andExecutive Director of the Matilda Joslyn Gage Center for Social Justice  

Topic: The Suffrage Convention Years, 1869-1917

Susan Goodier, PhD

Professor, Gender Studies , SUNY Oneonta College

Topic:  Women of Color and the Suffrage movement

Annette Ramos,  Latina “x” Storyteller

Topic: A Suffrage thought from the past

Kenneth B.  Morris, Jr.,  (3x) Great, grandson of Frederick Douglass and Founder & President, The Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives 

Topic: Remembering Frederick Douglass 

12:00 Noon - 1:30pm

Lunch, Gideon Hotel

2:00pm - 4:00pm

Afternoon Workshops

  • Tracey Fountain, Mother’s Against Gun Violence
  • Kenneth B. Morris, Jr. (Tentative)
  • Dr. Susan Goodier
  • Patrick Riley & Donna Briggs, Reflecting on The Women who inspire them
  • Women on $20’s - Defending Harriet Tubman’s Legacy


Afternoon Plenary

Tracey Fountain, Mom’s Demand Action for Gun Sense

Topic: Statement on Gun Violence

Keynote Speaker, Barbara McGraw, JD, PhD., 

Professor & Director, Center for Engaged Religious Pluralism, School of Liberal Arts,  St. Mary’s College ofCA San Francisco 

Topic: 1869-1919 - The limitations and challenges women faced & ways religion played a role.

Stephanie Pinto, Host Committee, 2019 Seneca Falls Revisited

Today’s Recap & Session Conclusion

6:30am - 6pm

The Gideon Putnam Hotel


Diversity, Inclusion and Sisterhood

6:30am - 6pm

The Gideon Putnam Hotel

+ Event Details


Diversity, Inclusion and Sisterhood

6:30am - 7:30am

 Morning Exercise, Gideon Hotel | Floor-Barre®️ Exercise by Camille Rommett

8:00am - 9:00am 

Registration & Continental Breakfast, Gideon Hotel

9:00am - 11:00am 

Morning Plenary

Hon. Gale Brewer, Welcome & Today’s Call to Action for Political and other Women 

Vanessa J. Herman

Assistant Vice President, Pace University 

Topic: Advocating for student political involvement in Academic institutions

Keynote Speaker, Cythnia Terrell

Founder & Executive Director, RepresentWomen 

Topic: A Roll Call of Success of Today’s Elected Women

Deborah Devedjian

Founder and Chief Citizen’s Officer

Topic: Introducing TheChisel

12:00 Noon - 1:30pm

Lunch, Gideon Hotel

2:00pm - 4:00pm 

Afternoon Workshops 

Breakout “TheChisel”

Conference Co-Chairs and Deborah Devadjian

TheChisel - Critical Thinking Exercise

Task oriented relevant problem solving



Topic: Why engagement exercises like “TheChisel” are important to preserve our Democracy

Outcome of "TheChisel Process”

Conference Co-Chairs and Deborah Devadjian



Conference Conclusion

Sharon Nelson, CEO, CREW and Henrietta Lyle, Executive Director Conference Operations


6:30am - 6pm

The Gideon Putnam Hotel

Seneca Falls Revisited Conference | August 25-27, 2019.

Have you ever heard about Seneca Falls Revisited Women’s Equality Conferences?

2019 Seneca Falls Revisited Conference & Retreat at the Gideon Putnam Hotel

This Year You Get To Be Civically Re-Engaged and Celebrate Women’s Equality Day in Saratoga Springs, New York!


To The Ratification of the 19th Amendment

A toast to ERA - Equal Rights Amendment at Seneca Falls Revisited

36  States ratified the 19th Amendment on  August 19,  1920.    The  process  of  ratification began  shortly  after  June  4,  1919  when  Congress  passed  the  amendment  and  President  Wilson  approved.     It  took  a  little  more  than  a  year  for  the states  to  weigh  in.    This  process  is  what  of  the  people,  by the  people  and  for  the people  reflects.  2019  is  the  centennial  of ratification. 

Discover Saratoga

The City of Saratoga Springs, New York

A Women’s Equality Weekend Retreat that will you will never forget

Get Engaged

A Weekend To Find Your Center

FLOOR-BARRE® Technique

FLOOR-BARRE®️ Technique

The Mission of the Zena Rommett Floor-Barre Foundation is to preserve and promote the highly regarded Floor-Barre® Technique for current and future generations of dancers, athletes, the injured, elderly and everyone desiring the alignment and strengthening health benefits of this gentle, yet highly effective Technique. This is accomplished through the teaching of classes, the production of DVDs and educational materials, and the certification of Floor-Barre® instructors every July in Europe (Florence '12 & '13; Venice '14 & '15; Paris '16 & '17; Rome '18 & '19), every August in New York City and every February in Latin America (Playa del Carmen, Mexico '19 & '20).

One Day Session

Tae Bo® & Cardio Kickboxing Fitness


Shireen Nelson  has over 20 years experience in healthcare & fitness. As a licensed, registered pharmacist she provides personalized patient care & counseling on a daily basis which often includes the importance of living a healthy lifestyle through exercise & diet.  After years of successfully maintaining her fitness goals with Tae bo® (created by Billy Blanks) Shireen took her passion for this workout & helping others to the next level by becoming a certified Tae  bo® & Boom Box® fitness instructor. This fun, jam-packed routine, which combines cardio kickboxing & aerobics, caters to everyone's level by allowing them to go at their own pace while burning calories & achieving their goals. See you in class!!

One Day Session

Mineral Baths/Healing Bubbles


Have a lovely soak in our New York hydrotherapy spa’s naturally effervescent mineral waters. Offered individually for 40 minutes or before any treatment for 20 minutes, guests are encouraged to relax and experience this legendary Upstate New York hydrotherapy at their leisure.

Please schedule your hydrotherapy treatment prior to your arrival.

Bathing in the mineral springs is a practice still enjoyed today. While drinking the waters was known to help with gastrointestinal problems, bathing was thought to treat heart disease and arthritis. Scientists believed that the bubbles in the mineral water dilated blood vessels and improved a patient's circulation. In the 1940's, a three-week stay at the Spa was considered the norm and included 21 mineral baths, accessory treatments, regulated diet, rest, exercise, and recreation. Today, mineral baths and other spa services are still offered at the historic Roosevelt Bathhouse.

Roosevelt Spa

1-Day Registration

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Don't miss a moment of the exhilarating action as the Saratoga Meet continues with today's card featuring the Better Talk Now. Tune in to Talking Horses for in-depth analysis from handicapper Andy Serling and other guests. 

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Mornings at Saratoga are an exciting, long-standing tradition at the historic racecourse. A breakfast buffet is served on The Porch of the Clubhouse while the Thoroughbreds prepare for future races and is available every morning except Travers Day. Please note that Admission must be paid to re-enter the track once live racing has begun. No reservations are accepted for breakfast.

One of the highlights of the breakfast program is the free tram tour of our famous and historic stable area (weather permitting). The first tram that takes you to the stable area, leaves the main Clubhouse entrance at approximately 7:30 a.m. with additional trams leaving approximately every 15 minutes. The last tour departs at around 9:00 a.m. (The Tour is available every race day except Travers Day).




Attention all Sponsors and potential sponsors now is your opportunity to have a special “add on“ to an existing sponsor package.  Ask us about this opportunity to join us in the ”Winners Circle” as we crown one of the winners of one of the races that day.  Contact: Sharon@crewomen.org to let me know your interest.  Thank you!

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