Welcome to Seneca Falls Revisited Conference & Retreat

2019 New York State Women Conference

NYS Women’s Legislative Luncheon


Welcome Reception “Celebrating the Centennial of Suffrage” 2019 Seneca Falls Revisited Conference & Retreat

• Historic Tour of the birth of the National Women’s Suffrage Association (1869)

• Various private Welcome receptions and/or Book Signings

• Cocktail Reception with Legislative Women

Women’s Legislative Caucus Luncheon

Presenting The Future - Seneca Falls Revisited


 Celebrating the Centennial of the Ratification of the 19th Amendment 

August 25-27, 2019

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Women’s Equality Weekend. We’re here to learn, bond and reflect as we strategize our Centennial celebration of the 19th Amendment. Our conference is called Seneca Falls Revisited in tribute to the historic 1848 convention. We’re here in Rochester because of the contributions and sacrifices of Susan B. Anthony & Frederick Douglass 

and their families.  

New York State as its best - we welcome our elected officials, top executives, colleagues and friends as we network and bond with the pride of the Estrogren heritage our foremothers have given us.  Thank you for being here to share this amazing weekend with us.  Mark your calendars in 2019 and 2020 same weekend - we will be here book early for next year.

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Movie Nights


To A More Perfect Union: US v. Windsor and Geraldine Ferraro: Paving the Way

Thursday & Friday Nights, Aug. 23-24

To a More Perfect Union offers an intimate look at Edie Windsor as a gay rights pioneer, and its correlation with the Stonewall Riots, the AIDS crisis, the Defense of Marriage Act and other staples of LGBTQ history. She was an American LGBTQ rights activist and a technology manager at IBM. After the death of her (legally recognized only in Canada) wife, Thea Spyer, Windsor found herself inundated with problems. As the executor and sole beneficiary of Spyer's estate via a revocable trust, Windsor was required to pay $363,053 in federal estate taxes on the inheritance of her wife's estate.

Geraldine Ferraro: Paving the Way - An inspiring film about Geraldine Ferraro's historic Vice-Presidential nomination, and the first full profile of the trailblazing woman who helped change the face of American politics forever.

Seneca Falls Revisited Conference | August 25-28, 2019.

Have you ever visited Saratoga Springs?

Seneca Falls Revisited Events

Get Civically Re-Engaged and Celebrate Women’s Equality Day in Saratoga Springs, New York while having fun!

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To The Ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment


37 States have ratified the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) so far, just one  more State will get us 38 which is the number of States required to make us equal in the Constitution of the United States of America. 

Discover Saratoga

The City of Saratoga Springs, New York

A Women’s Equality Weekend Retreat that will you will never forget

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A Weekend To Find Your Center

Yoga Weekend

Women’s Equality Weekend Yoga Retreat

Mental Health, Spirituality and Movement - come and learn more about low maintance self-care.  Yogi Sealy is your guide to a better you.

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Continuing the momentum

The NYS State Conference For Civically Engaged Women

We thank our 2016 NY State Women’s Conference featured speakers who believed in ”having their voices heard” and inspired the name of our organization.

2016 NYS Women’s Conference


Natalie Douglas celebrates Women’s Equality Weekend in Rochester New York

Women Cabaret Show

Saratoga Springs

Join Award winner & entertainers 

from New York natives. Last year we had Natalie Douglas, a Renaissance woman who has shared her concerts, workshops & master classes with audiences & students across the USA, (Carnegie Hall, Birdland, Café Carlyle, The Town Hall, Herbst Theatre, Thalian Hall and Jazz at Lincoln Center’s Rose Theater & Appel Room) and the world (The UK, Germany, Montenegro, Greece, Corsica, Argentina and Mexico).

She was joined by New York City’s finest Musical Director and piano virtuoso Jon Weber.  The evening emcee was the incomparable Patrick Riley, Journalist, Producer and Author.  Patrick was formerly a producer for The Oprah Winfrey Show.  

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