2018 Seneca Falls Revisited conference, rochester, new york

Deborah Hughes, President and CEO The Susan B. Anthony House and Rachel DeGuzman, President 21st Century Arts discussing the upcoming observances of the centennial of the 19th Amendment, 170th anniversary of Seneca Falls Revisited and the bicentennial of Frederick Douglass’ birth.

Seneca Falls Revisited Blog


A podcast interview with Educate2Empower about the IIIrd wave women’s movement that is taking place right now. 

BronxNet TV

Candidate Training for Women - What does it take to run for office?

In the news! Sharon I. Nelson, CEO of CREW on Bronxnet, speaking about electing women into office

NYSE | New York Stock Exchange

Celebrating the first “ringing the bell” Women’s Equality Day at the New York Stock Exchange

Photo Courtesy: NYSE

SHEroes of New York™️

One of the SHEroes of New York™️

What it takes to become a SHEroesOfNY™️

Photo Courtesy by Cien Plus®️

News12 Brooklyn

The Launching of SHEroesOFNY™️

CREW encourages women to be politically active—Story by: NY News 12 Brooklyn