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Welcome to the Civically Re-Engaged Women’s Alumni page. Whether you attended our classes or conferences, please consider yourself as part of the CREW family and experience. We created this resource page with you in mind. The page will highlight available opportunities that we have been asked to post. The Mayor’s office of Appointments is expanding its talent outreach and you will see they asked us to post their job portal on our site. Additionally, in the coming months we will post a listing for Mentors as we are engaging a Girls teen program (16-21) and will be acquiring intern and externship opportunities. Please be sure to visit this page regularly and let us know if you have questions or can add to our resources. Thank you for your continued support.

Mayor’s Office of Appointment

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The New York City’s Mayor’s Office of Appointments recruits talented leaders from all fields to work toward achieving meaningful and positive change for New Yorkers who want to engage in politics. The Resume Portal helps us identify and connect leaders with opportunities at over 60 mayoral agencies and offices. Start leading now, submit your resume and apply for positions with the City!

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City Hall, New York, NY

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The Mayor’s Office Appointments (MOA) is dedicated to advancing the Mayor‘s vision of a diverse and inclusive team of senior leaders in City government. Charged with promoting equity, opportunity, and excellence in the City, MOA serves a critical role by providing talent recruitment an development support for all levels of employees in the Administration. Additionally, MOA advises the Mayor on over 300 boards and commissions that fall under his purview.

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Our Civic engagement arm is constantly engaged with other government agencies throughout the United States. To take advantage, click on the link below

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